Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Your Pixie-Positive Preview for Week 10

I know I was going to produce my exciting Magic Partners post for you midweek, you guys, but as soon as I started it I realised it was complicated stuff, and I need to do more work on it, so it will probably end up being next week instead. Sorry. But as a consolation, here: HAVE A PREVIEW.

(Round the World Week. What brain trust came up with this duffer of a concept?)

Caroline & Pasha – Charleston, to Istanbul by They Might be Giants (Turkey)
Because the song is called Istanbul, Caroline and Pasha are apparently Turkey in this turkey of a concept. I lived through bloody Jordan and DVO’s Egyptian-themed Charleston about eight million times, so I guess I can live with this too, though I cannot help assuming there will be some belly-dancing in it, which is upsetting me even four days ahead of time. DEAR CAROLINE PLEASE TRY AND HAVE FUN BECAUSE FUN IS WHAT YOU ARE MISSING.  I really hope they deliver, because there’s a vacant spot in the bottom two this week, and Caroline is absolutely a candidate for it.

Frankie & Kevin – Jive, to “Surfin’ USA by The Beach Boys (USA)
Jesus, this theme is literal. I anticipate rock ‘n’ roll theming AGAIN because apparently that is Kevin’s default setting. Frankie has an Alesha-like lazy foot, which will probably make this look a bit messier than it ought to be. Having said that, Alesha’s jive is one of my favourite Alesha dances, and favourite jives ever, so I don’t imagine this will hold them back. Kevin will probably be wearing red trousers. 

Jake & Janette – Argentine Tango, to Zorba the Greek (Greece)
Oh God.

Mark & Karen – Salsa, to Viva Las Vegas by Elvis (USA)
So, not so much Round the World Week as Round the World Wait Did Anyone Notice We Had USA Twice Can Anyone Think of a Seventh Country No OK Let's Just Go With It I'm Sure It Will Be Fine Week. Got it.  Karen will throw in some crazy stuff to make us think this is more exciting than it really is, Mark will dance it perfectly well and smile his little socks off throughout, and the dance will finish with me as profoundly unmoved as I have been by 95% of Mark’s dances so far. Oh Karen.

Pixie & Trent – Viennese Waltz, to Tulips from Amsterdam by Max Bygraves
Let’s just pretend the whole Max Bygraves thing isn’t happening because WHAT? I actually prefer Pixie’s ballroom to her Latin, on the whole, because there is less obvious opportunity for stage school PERFORMANCE bollocks, and it’s hard to make a VW really showy (easy to be cheesy, of course), so this might be a week in which I enjoy The Pixies. I KNOW! 

Simon & Kristina – Waltz, to Edelweiss from The Sound of Music
Speaking of cheese….  I did not like Simon’s Viennese Waltz all, which I am sure you remember from your encyclopaedic knowledge of this blog. He was under-rehearsed, unsure of himself and very skippy at all times. Simon is now so much better than he was that week that I have high hopes for this. What I would like is for Kristina to stage a lovely, quiet restrained Waltz in which Simon can be smooth and strong and elegant, like in his Argentine Tango. Whether this will happen, of course, is another matter.

Sunetra & Brendan – Rumba, to Girl from Ipanema by Michael Bolton (whut?)
Poor Sunetra. Bye Sunetra.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the USA so, as I will be eating and drinking heavily for four days, just as the Puritan Pilgrim Fathers would have wanted, Miss Jones is on solo duty this weekend. Be kind to her. I’ll see you next week.

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